Ahmedabad is not just famous for textiles, it is equally famous for mouth-watering street food. The state capital of Gujrat offers an assortment of street snacks, such as Khakhra, Fafda, Khaman-Dhokla, and Thepla, to name a few. When you visit Ahmedabad, your trip is incomplete unless you’ve tasted some of the appetising delicacies the city has to offer. If you have some time to spare, you cannot afford to miss out on the real taste of Ahmedabad. As far as moving around the city is concerned, you can rent a car in Ahmedabad from Autoriders to tour the streets and savor the different flavours of the city. To help ensure you don’t miss out on anything special, we list some of the best street foods in Ahmedabad.

1. InduBen Khakhrawala

InduBen Khakhrawala is a perfect place to relish a Gujarati breakfast, especially Khakras. Located at Navrangpura, the eating joint is famous for a variety of soft and spongy Khakras. To be more precise, they prepare more than fifty varieties of Khakras and other delectable Gujarati snacks. The place also offers Chinese snacks, sweets, and various other sweet preparations.

2. Asharfi Ni Kulfi

Situated at Gurukul Road, Asharfi Kulfi offers a wide range of kulfi ice creams that go beyond Vadilal and Amul. The place is mostly crawling with people in the evenings as they head out with family and friends to savor yummy ice creams. Popular flavors of the kulfis include malai kulfi, sitaphal, mango, badam pista kesar, and rajbhog, to name a few.

3. Ambika’s Dalvada Center

If you like pakodas, there’s no way you can hold yourself from falling in love with the delightfully crispy and delectable dalvada you will be served at Ambika’s Dalvada Center. Located at IOC road, Chandkheda, th snack joint is widely known for its dexterous Dalvada preparations, and once you have been there, chances are, you would want to come as as you’ll leave!

4. Baghdad Fry Centre

Many people have the misconception that Ahmedabad is all about vegetarian food, but the good news for all non vegetarians is that, it is not at all true. Visit Baghdad Fry centre, and you’ll know the reason why! Located at Dahyabhai Parmar Road, the joint is a paradise for non-vegetarian food lovers. The place offers different varieties of exquisite non vegetarian snacks and preparations, enriched with traditional spices and flavors.

5. Das Khaman House

Khaman is a soft and spongy Gujarati delicacy prepared using gram flour, and a number of herbs and spices. It is often confused with Dhokla as they both look similar; however, the former is made of gram flour while the latter is made of rice and black gram. Served with freshly chopped onions, sev, fried chillies and chutney, khaman is generally taken at breakfast or as snacks. If the recipe tingles your taste buds, try it out at Das Khaman House.

The taste of authentic Indian food can be found on the streets and Ahmedabad in a plethora of food delicacies that make the city a food connoisseur’s delight. Whether you want to see different tourist destinations or engage in fun and adventure activities, do remember to take the time to enjoy the various street foods the city has to offer. To move around, you can choose from an extensive fleet of cars on rent in Ahmedabad from Autoriders. We provide both self- and chauffeur-driven cars on rent, available around the clock. To rent a car in Ahmedabad, download our Android app or fill out our contact form.