Given the hectic lifestyle, and busy schedules that characterize most people’s lives, countless couples complain of losing the “spark” in their relationships. If your relationship is in a tunnel and you need a spark to reignite the romance, some quality time away from everybody is just what the love doctor prescribes. A break from routine and quality time is essential to keep the romance blooming in a relationship. Get deep into intimate conversation, hold hands, and frolic in the sun while sipping fine wine. Though Delhi can be regarded as a concrete jungle, the city has a lot to offer in terms of the perfect romantic getaways to reconnect with your partner and find the magic again. This blog post lists some of the most popular romantic places that you can easily visit with self drive cars in Delhi. Let’s look at the options.

1.Garden of Five Senses


Garden of Five Senses is situated in an ideal location close to Saket. It is an immaculately designed landscape with some of the best restaurants in Delhi. The ideal and quiet place features numerous theme areas designed along the lines of herb gardens, Mughal gardens, and exotic pools with awesome water lilies and bamboo courts.

2.Deer Park, Hauz Khas Complex


Covering an extensive area, the Deer Park can be regarded as one of the most romantic places in Delhi. The park has a delightful lake and its premises are dotted with well-trimmed lawns and flower-beds. Spend a few hours here and you’ll almost forget that you are still in a congested city like Delhi.

3.Lodhi Gardens


A quiet walk along the ancient relics of Lodhi garden is an ideal option for a romantic date in Delhi. Ideally located near the posh Khan Market of South Delhi, you can choose to spend a comforting afternoon with your partner among the flowers and picturesque backdrop.

4. Purana Qilapicture5


Purana Qila offers an ideal setup to chill and reconnect with your partner. The lush green lawns in the midst of ancient impressive structure of red sandstone offers one of the most romantic places for couples in Delhi. Escape to the magical Purana Qila where lovebirds spend the days soaking in each other’s company.

5. Pataudi Palace


The majestic Pataudi Palace offers a slice of royalty for a perfect romantic setup. Just 60 kms drive from Delhi, take the short drive and indulge in delicious food and calm surroundings for a perfect date. It is an amazing place thronged by many lovebirds looking for a romantic getaway in Delhi.

Wrapping Up

If you are in Delhi, it is easy to find ‘that’ perfect romantic date-perfect ambience. There are many romantic places in Delhi for a date including those discussed in this blog. Don’t let public transport dampen your day as you can rent a self drive car at For more details on self drive cars in Delhi, fill out our contact form or call us at 011- 45450000.