Bangalore is a city with a mixture of effervescent culture, strong literary mindset, utopian weather, innumerable hangout spots, and much more. The long list of unique attributes, activities, and attractions make this city one of India’s most “alive” cities. The place embraces one and all; expats, people from other cities, and those born and bred within its magnificence. You can choose to opt for self-drive cars on rent in Bangalore to explore remarkable places, adventure sports, and be a connoisseur of famous street food. Breaking the monotony and experiencing these activities will certainly make you fall in love with this city.

Buzzing Nightlife: Discover the Pub City

Among other popular titles, Bangalore holds the status of being a “Pub City”. Every corner of the city is infested with innumerable vibrant pubs and nightspots packed with a lively crowd, intelligent conversations, music vibrations, and serving the choicest drinks. Every street you step on, you’re sure to find a street corner pub serving divine food and drink. Explore Bangalore’s food, music, nightlife and people. It’s all about being high on life!

Starry Starry Sky: Try Night Trekking

Unarguably, Bangalore have something to spoil everyone – awesome weather, mind-boggling diversity, delectable food, historical attractions, sophisticated crowd, and world-famous cuisines. The city also gives you an opportunity to feed your thirst for some thriller with an ideal night trek to Antara Gange. Nestled among the Shathashrunga mountain range, the ancient volcanic boulders provide a brilliant setting brimming with nocturnal sights and sounds. Just 70 km drive towards Kolar, this place is perfect if you are an adventure junkie.

Vineyard Tales: Go on a Luxurious Wine Tour

Bangalore has a strong affinity towards good tasting wine. The residents’ apparently affluent lifestyle is mostly the result of lavish green vineyards spread across the Nandi Hills. Whether you are a lover of wine or not, the experience of an aromatic world of wine is unparalleled. The natural setting, knowledge of the intricate process of winemaking, wine tasting, music, and picturesque backdrop helps you unwind and broaden your horizons.

Gastronomic Delights – Savor Bangalore Street Food

The city serves an extensive array of flavors and cuisines for the ultimate exotic dishes. If you fancy indulging in some street food, the quintessential South Indian cuisines, freshly fried snacks, and a variety of juice shops can appease your hunger pangs and put the food buff in you topsy-turvy.

Flying Freedom: Paragliding at Nandi Hills

Situated a short distance from the International Airport, Nandi Hills is an ideal destination to paraglide. The exotic aerial view, crisp wind, enchanting canopies, and soaring skies ensure you can enjoy the adrenaline rush and forest canopy. Rising to a height of 1, 445m, you get to taste what it means to fly.

Pack Your Bag and Book a Ride!

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