The Garden City of India, Bangalore is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Paying a visit to this jewel in the crown of southern India is something that should be on your to do list. With valentine’s day around the corner, it is an ideal time to pack your bags and head to the garden city for some quality time with your partner or to simply take a break and unwind. To help you plan your itinerary, the post gives you our shortlist of some romantic spots you can visit during the valentine’s week to mark a seven day “celebration of love”. Take a look.

Day 1: Rose day

Venue: Hebbal Lake

Arrive at least a day before the beginning of valentine’s week. After resting for a while, contact a provider of self drive cars in Bangalore to book a vehicle according to your needs. At Autoriders  International Ltd. we provide car rental services across India including Bangalore. Our fleet includes different car models and types to help meet the varied needs of customers. After renting the car of your choice, head to Hebbal Lake, one of the most romantic spots around Bangalore the next morning to watch the sunrise in a romantic setting. Hebbal Lake is also home to different varieties of birds that’ll serenade you with the best romantic music you can ever get. A must visit whether you are die-hard naturalists or just wish to enjoy each other’s company in a serene environment.

Day2: Propose day

Venue: Nandi Hills

If you two crave for an adventurous outing and need to get an adrenaline rush, visit Nandi Hills. Characterized by alluring hills, beautiful lakes, ancient temples, and historic forts populating the region, Nandi Hills is one of the most biologically and culturally diverse places in Bangalore. You can also watch the origination point of Palar, Pennar, and Arkavathi waterways as they gush through the rocks. When you’re done marveling at the wonders of nature, you can engage in adventure sports such as paragliding to let the adventure junkie in you two take over.

Day3: Chocolate day

Venue: Lumbini Gardens

Day 3 is time to relax in an ambient and serene environment after an adventure filled day, and there is no better spot to be than Lumbini Gardens. The place is home to an eco-friendly boating park, artificial beach, and different rides that will bring out the kid in you. Spending a day at the romantic place will help you craft wonderful unforgettable memories and strengthen your bond of love.

Day 4: Teddy day

Venue: Thottikallu Falls

Karnataka is home to many hidden jewels of nature and Thottikallu Falls is right at the top of the list. It is a secluded spot around 25 kms from the city that provides a refreshing retreat to couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Take a dip in the pristine waters of the waterfall and spend some quality romantic moment with your partner. Hold on to each other like you never let go, look into each other eyes, and frolic about to experience the sparks of romance and write your love story.

Day 5: Promise day

Venue: Bannerghatta National Park

Visiting Bannerghatta National Park must feature on your itinerary, if you are passionate about fauna and flora. The park houses  a zoo, pet rescue center, snake house, butterfly enclosure, and a safari park. It also includes trekking spots to ensure you don’t run out of fun activities to do.

Day 6: Hug day  

Venue: Angsana Spa

Cleanse and reset your senses by attending a reinvigorating spa session at the Angsana Spa or a self-healing therapy or meditation session. The complex also houses a jacuzzi, sauna, and gym to help you recharge your senses. It is a great place and many that have had the privilege to visit it become frequent visitors.

Day7: Kiss day

Venue: Thattekere

The secluded place provides a perfect setting to help love struck couples enjoy each other’s company in the lap of Mother Nature. The place is known for it’s romantic sunrises and is home to various bird species, such as lapwings, bee-eaters, kites, and storks. Moreover, the beautiful landscape is sure to sweep you two lovebirds off your feet and make for an unforgettable escape.

Valentine’s day  

Venue: Sky Lounge

On d-day of love, enjoy each other’s company with a romantic dinner at Sky Lounge, located at the rooftop of the 5 star Svenska Design Hotel. It features plush greenery, a glamorous pool, and stylish design patterns that make the setting an ideal place to proclaim and re-affirm your love for each other. Let the chemistry reach a crescendo and surrender into each other’s arms while enjoying a passionate dance.

Let Love Fill the Air

Although your love should shine everyday, Valentine’s provides a unique opportunity to express your love and create everlasting memories. If you are in Bangalore, the places listed in the blog give you a great way to spend your Valentine’s. For the ultimate in convenience, comfort, flexibility, and privacy, book a self drive car. Autoriders provides self drive cars in Bangalore and you can choose from a range of makes and models to suit your style, preferences, and budget. To learn more about our services or book a self drive car in Bangalore, fill out our contact form or call at 011- 45450000.