Winter season gives you an opportunity to visit various sightseeing destinations and spend quality time with your family and friends, especially during the holidays. You need to plan several aspects before going on a trip to any destination, such as the number of people, luggage, expenses, and hiring a rental car. Car rental companies offering self driven cars in Delhi and other places use a variety of labels to indicate different car makes, models, sizes, and specific cargo capacities. The hiring rates vary according to car model, trip distance, and other considerations, for instance, if you hire a self-drive car in Delhi to Himachal Pradesh, it will cost you comparatively less than Delhi to Gujrat. In this blog post, we discuss the different rental car sizes and other specifications that you must know when choosing a self drive car on rent.

Economy or Compact Cars?

Compact cars are labeled as compact, economy or small cars as they have a passenger capacity of four to five people with a couple of bags or suitcases. Economy cars are affordable and have a great gas mileage.

Midsize Cars

Another option, apart from small cars is that of midsize or intermediate cars. The automobile accommodates five passengers comfortably and has a larger room for luggage. The mileage of the car decreases as the car-size gets bigger. Travelers who don’t worry about their budget but value comfort, appreciate midsize cars.

Spacious Cars

Spacious or full-size cars have more storage and passenger capacity. Generally, sedan cars are offered in this category, with various additional features such as power locks, power windows, air conditioning, GPS, CD player, and FM.

Luxury Cars

Luxury cars fulfill the needs of travelers who wish to travel in comfort and style. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy the view from behind the wheel of a luxury automobile. The fuel economy and luggage capacity are determined by the model you wish to hire.


If you need larger passenger capacity and more room for luggage, or if you have to travel over rough roads, you need to hire SUV cars. The cars have a lower gas mileage as compared with smaller cars.

Have a Happy Trip!

If you wish for a perfect trip, start by hiring the best car for your needs. Autoriders offers a range of chauffeur and self-drive cars on rent at affordable rates in Delhi and other cities. To get answers to any of your questions or discuss your requirements, fill out our contact form or call us at 011- 45450000.