Ahmedabad is home to some of the most ancient monuments in India and also has a lot to offer to the gourmet in you. The city is home  to delectable street food, the aroma of which is makes you an instant believer.  Trying Ahmedabad street food should be on your list of to-do-things as you make lasting memories and bond with your partner. If you need a reliable, comfortable, private, flexible, and affordable means of transportation to take you to all the cool places that serve authentic street food, Autoriders International can help. We provide self-drive car rentals in Ahmedabad to help you conveniently explore the city. To help you craft a list of delicacies to try this Valentine’s, the blog post lists some of the best street food cuisines the city of Ahmedabad has to offer. Take a look.

1. Delectable Chole Puri

Chole puri is a traditional north Indian cuisine. Ask a non-Ahmedabadi where they can get the best chole puri, and most will give you Punjab or any other north Indian state as their answer. Ask the same question to Ahmedabadis, and they will direct you to Havmor. The eatery serves yummylicious fluffy puris and aromatic chole that includes a blend of the choicest of spices. A word of advice: get there early and book your seats to avoid long waiting queues.

2. Scrumptious Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji has become a fixture in food streets across India and Ahmedabad is no exception. To taste the best version of the delicacy, head straight to the Mahalaxmi Pav Bhaji Centre located at Manek Chowk. The crispy buns and an extra helping of butter are sure to melt their way into your heart. The eatery also serves one of its kind, Lasan Cancel or no garlic pav bhaji.

3. Unconventional Keema Samosa

Keema samosa, unlike other samosa types, is a 100 percent non-vegetarian delicacy with minced meat (keema) instead of the regular potatoes and green peas. If you craving to give a twist of tale to your regular samosa, head to Bhatiyar Gali to taste the innovative delicacy.

4. Yummy Kebabs

Bhatiyar Gali is a paradise for non-vegetarians. The market, apart from serving one-of-its-kind keema samosas, is also known to welcome visitors with different varieties of kebabs, such as seekh kebab and boti kebab. Try the crispy and spicy hot kebabs to satiate your palate this valentine’s.

5. Part Salty and Part Sweet, Fafda Jalebi

If you crave a delicacy that packs a blend of unsettling saltiness and calming sweetness, try Gujarat’s own, fafda jalebi. Fafda is a salty and crispy snack traditionally served with green chillies. Oswal restaurant, located opposite Gujarat Vidyapith is one of the best places to try the delicacy. Enjoy the dishes on your tour of Ahmedabad, whether you are in the company of your love , alone , or with friends, for a Valentine’s with a difference.

6. Mouth-watering Kachoris

If you’re near Kankaria Lake and observe an ocean of people, don’t get alarmed. It’s not a mass protest or a political rally that mobilizes people in this part of the city, but the aroma of freshly deep-fried kachoris sold at various stalls that attracts locals and visitors alike. To savor the mouth watering treat, rent a self-drive car in Ahmedabad and head straight to Kankaria Lake.

Let the Foodie in you Take Over

Ahmedabad has a rich cultural heritage that includes delectable cuisines and offers the perfect setting to spend the day of love in the company of your partner. At Autoriders International, we can help you make the day even more memorable by providing car rentals in Ahmedabad at affordable rates to make sure you don’t face any inconvenience when traversing the food spots and other attractions in and around Ahmedabad. To rent a car in Ahmedabad, fill out our contact form or call at  011- 45450000.